Staying Positive Despite Disability


Being a disabled person, I always knew I was different. Having no arms and legs, things are quite different from the way I see it. I am fully aware that I cannot do things that ordinary people can because I am without limbs. I cannot run, walk, hold items with my hands, and assist myself for that matter. Regardless of that unfortunate instance, it won’t stop me from believing that life will be better someday. I always knew that the more I picture how good life is, the more I can have a better chance of living happily.

The Struggle

It is not easy to handle things with care. Quite a few times, I feel anxious about things, and I get depressed for being incapable. My emotional aspects seemed triggered because I try to set my mind to accept things exactly to be the way they are, even if it hurts deeply. I often question why things like this happen to me. But since I receive no answer, I quit complaining. Because what for? The emotional and mental torture is nothing but a burden, and I realized that I do not want that anymore. BetterHelp made me realized that I deserve to live life the way I wanted.

“The more distress there is in one’s life, the greater the impact on daily functioning and overall quality of life,” writes Mark Borigini M.D.


The struggle of not being able to do a lot of things affects my life in a way it affects others as well. I get lonely, sad, and hurt because other people won’t stop staring at me. They believe they have the right to feel sorry for my condition. Should I thank them? Should I feel sorry for myself too? I think not. Although I fully understand that most of them mean no harm, I can help myself but to think what would it be like if things weren’t like this. No, it is not a negative mindset. I am only trying to imagine life in a better view. There are things I believe I can do my way.

“If you let yourself rail against the universe and fall into a virulent case of self-pity—become a victim – you’ll stay depressed,” writes Russell Grieger Ph.D.

You see, the thing that keeps me going is the image I have created in my mind. I have this list of things I want to do that I know I can’t. But it doesn’t matter. I still hold onto those dreams that someday I will be able to accomplish it no matter what. I might not have my arms and legs with me, but I still got my brain and my heart. So, nothing is entirely missing at some point. I can always love the people around me, and I can still manage to laugh and smile. So yes, I am still good with life.



Having a disability is not something someone would wish to have. But if in case it happens, the only thing one should remember is how to be himself. The disability should not become him at any cost. A person must stay focused on his ability to communicate and express himself, regardless of the circumstances. As for me, I don’t like it that I am only limited to do stuff. But I don’t complain about it that much either. One thing I learned from my situation is that the less I complain, the happier I become. There are not many emotional and mental issues every time I stay positive.

“If you realize that yes, you do complain a lot and see that it is bringing down those close to you, it may be time for you to drill into the source of your own state of affairs,” writes Robert Taibbi L.C.S.W.

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