6 Jobs That Are Perfect For Disabled Individuals

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If you meet a teenager whose legs got paralyzed or amputated as a result of an unfortunate accident, it may be tough to find the road to acceptance immediately. While his or her friends are worried about exams or after-school performances, he or she may need to stay in the sickbay or at home to recuperate. All their extracurricular activities have to be on hold for a while, and that means no slumber parties or hanging out in cool places during the weekends. Worse, the teen might have to take a break from school because of the disability and only graduate a year later than his or her friends.

With all these things happening at once, losing sight of the future seems effortless. You feel like you can’t do anything with your life now that you are stuck in a wheelchair. You don’t even know how you’ll be able to make money after reaching adulthood.

Well, if that’s what’s keeping you up every night, then you should relax now. We can think of six different jobs to share to you right now, and they are all perfect for disabled individuals. You may want to try one of them soon.

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  1. Customer Service Representative

If you are looking for an entry-level position at the moment, it may be an excellent decision to apply as a customer service representative. You will take calls from customers and help them get the answers they need. You merely have to speak through a headset and not be face-to-face with anyone. Even if you still haven’t finished your degree yet, you can enter the workforce.

  1. Market Research Analyst

Since more and more people wish to start a business of their own and leave their nine-to-five job, they need someone who can study and analyze the industry they are hoping to enter. Because of that, it will be a smart move to work towards becoming a market research analyst. The task does not necessitate you to move physically, after all. You only have to be excellent at solving problems, identifying the right target audience, and coming up with the best marketing strategies that a company can use.

  1. Accountant

In case you have always been good with numbers, you may want a career in accounting. You practically have to work on balance sheets and a computer when preparing financial documents and taxes, which entails that you won’t get exhausted physically. You can even work at a company or become self-employed – either choice will bring more income to your bank account no matter what.

  1. Teacher

For individuals whose passion is in sharing wisdom and knowledge, it may be best to become an educator. Schools do not discriminate when it comes to accepting teachers with physical disabilities. As long as you are effective at teaching, there’s no way for them not to hire you and treat you with fairness.

  1. Counselor

Considering you are born empathic, you may get a degree in Psychology and pursue a counseling career. This job will be perfect for you due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, you won’t have to be physically active to listen or offer advice to clients. Secondly, the fact that you got over your hurdles and can now provide psychological help to others is beyond inspiring.

  1. Entrepreneur

Lastly, if all other jobs fail, you can always become your own boss. It requires much work to manage a business, and you will be able to exercise your skills and show your creativity. The working hours will not be so crazy either since you can set it according to your liking. Who knows, the entrepreneurial venture might boom, and you won’t have to work for anyone else again.

Source: defense.gov

A Word Of Advice

The physical ability may stop you from dancing, walking, climbing or doing other things, but it can never prevent you from building your career. Although the process of reaching your dreams seems challenging now that you’re stuck in a wheelchair, you can make a path for yourself towards your goals. Everything is possible if you have willpower, intelligence, and mental strength, after all.

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