Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Upon visiting the website, proceeding with using the site means that you have thoroughly read, understood, and agreed on the following terms of use we provided for the proper usage of our website. The following conditions will automatically take effect once you use our website. If you do not agree to our requirements, you should not use this site.


Acceptable Use Policy

You agree not to collect, upload, transmit, distribute, duplicate, and reproduce data intended to damage or harm any computer system or data; use the site to send unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, spam emails, pyramid schemes, chain emails or letters, or other unwanted messages; use information coming from this site without their consent; and harass other users who enjoy and want to use the website peacefully.


User Content

User Content includes all information that a user inputs to the website upon creating an account and the uploading and sharing of materials to the website once he/she has started using it. You are responsible and bear all risk for your User Content.


By accepting our terms of use, you confirm that your User Content does not violate our policy. You are prohibited from claiming that your User Content is sponsored, endorsed, our backed up by the site and the company. Since you are the one responsible for your User Content, any illegal activities incorporated to your User Content will be liable to you.


Terms Of Termination

In this section, all these terms are in effect while you use the site. The company has the right to suspend or entirely terminate your rights to usage anytime once we detect that there is misconduct or abuse committed while using the website. Your right to access your account will be terminated right away as well. You should understand that full termination of your account will result in the deletion of your User Content associated with your Account in our active database.