Have I Married The Wrong Person?

Have you ever wondered if you married the right person?

It was a cold, lonely night at the park when I met Joan before we got married. She was a tall woman with golden locks, porcelain skin, and a body that other persons would die to have. I did not pay attention to her too much when I saw her from a distance because… well, I never had any luck with a person that gorgeous before.

I am an amputee person, you see. My legs had to be cut off clean when an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded during one of my duties as an army soldier in Afghanistan. They could have been saved if I got treated them immediately.

This is why I wondered if my wife would ask herself, “Have I married the wrong person?”

Is She The Wrong Person For Me?

Had my new legless situation ever wrongly depressed me somehow?

Technically, no. It occurred while I was serving my country personally; it felt like a better way to lose my legs than by having them wrongfully sawed-off due to a disease.

Dating the Wrong Person?

The only thing that made me sad one too many times was that it became extremely challenging to find a woman who would want to date me, more so marry me. Thus, I’m pulling the marriage topic back to that eventful night which led to my marriage.

There was a time that I didn't expect myself to get this so emotional because I found a wrong person to date with me.
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I was deep in my thoughts in front of the artificial river when some person fake-coughed behind me. When I looked around, I saw that same gorgeous person smiling at me. After exchanging names and pleasantries, Joan sat down next to me for a chat.

Joan was funny and insightful. Her personality is enlightening so I did not notice that we had been talking until midnight. We would have stayed there until the morning if the park personnel did not ask us to leave so that they could clean the entire place. On our way out, I took a chance and asked for Joan’s number. She approached me first and did not seem to personally mind my disability, so I thought – hoped – that I had a shot with this person.

Sadly, Joan replied, “As much as I want to continue communicating with you, my work visa will expire in less than a month. I will have to go back to Sweden, so we may not meet again.”

That stumped me. Sweden would be easy to visit, but long travels were a bit personally troublesome in my current physical state. Still, I insisted on staying in touch with Joan and seeing that person again for the remainder of her time in the country.

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So, Joan and I met every day in the next few weeks. We would go on dates everywhere and get to know each other better. Soon enough, I found myself falling in love with her and wanting to marry her.

On Joan’s last week in the US, we were both sad and quiet because of her impending departure. Then, one night, it just occurred to me to ask for her hand in marriage so she could stay here for good. I was super nervous as I planned my marriage proposal, but I became the happiest man on earth when she said yes to marry me.

We got married at a chapel and fixed her papers.

Marriage And Family

I honestly believed that Joan and I would live happily ever after marriage. We settled her documentation first, which was a breeze. Once that’s done, I finally brought my new married bride to my childhood home so that she could meet my parents and two older sisters.

That’s when things began to unravel. My family was initially shocked about my rash decision on marrying, but I explained that I married out of love, so they forgave me at once. My sisters tried everything to make Joan feel welcomed after we got married, and I was glad to see Joan seemingly getting along with them as my married wife.

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When we went home that night, though, my newly married wife could not stop talking about my sisters’ gold accessories. She was like, “Did you see that 5-carat diamond on Elle’s finger? Oh, my!” or “I love Cece’s necklace! Where do you think she got that?”

I did not think much about it, but it made me want to buy all those things for Joan. A few days later, though, the entire family was out for lunch because my eldest sister, Elle, wanted to celebrate our marriage. Elle was an old-fashioned person, so she always brought cash everywhere instead of a credit card.

Is she wrongfully accused?

We were all having fun and making jokes when Elle rummaged in her bag for the money and came up with half the amount she brought. It was enough to cover our bill, but every person panicked because $1,000 was still too much to lose, no matter how rich you are as a person.

The entire family began looking everywhere. We eventually informed the staff about it as my sister insisted that she had the money when we all sat down. Luckily for Elle, there was a CCTV camera close to us, and the manager invited us to their security room to see the footage personally. Unfortunately for me, the video showed my newly married wife reaching into my sister’s bag while chatting away and then bundling it up and putting it in her back pocket.

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So, as it turned out, I am married to the wrong person.


NOTE: Please be informed that this is the first part of a two-part blog about how I am married to the wrong person.

Stay tuned on how we resolved the matter.

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