The Misconceptions About Blindness


Different conditions cause blindness to people. It could be genetics, infection, chronic disease, and so on. It becomes a disability because the eyes are an essential thing that allows people to function suitably. So without vision, things can be a little different and hard. The people who have vision loss tend to make specific life-changing decisions and adjustments. We know not all of those adjustments are easy. But looking at a different angle where blind people picture life, let’s understand how some misconceptions are not what we think they are.

A Blind Person Have Stronger Balance

People believe in the idea that once a person loses one of his senses, his other senses tend to improve in multiple ways. Well, there can be truth to this statement. However, that only goes to individuals who practice their other physical senses rigorously. Meaning, the chances of getting enhanced sense skills after losing one depends on a person’s motivation to improve a particular sense. Meaning, the skill sense enhancements do not happen automatically. So the idea of a blind person getting a stronger balance is not at all accurate. Blind people are not able to see things around them, which makes them more vulnerable to accidents.

A Blind Person Is Still Capable Of Doing Everything


As much as people want to put a positive attitude towards a blind individual, no one can assume that a disabled person can still do a lot of things. Yes, that is a good start of mind-condition tactics to help a blind person to become aware of his physical state. However, a false hope that someone gives to him will do nothing. It is essential to understand that though blindness is not at all a hindrance to living, it is something that stops a person from doing risky things. People should consider thinking about reality instead of focusing on impractical chances they wish a blind individual would take.

A Blind Person’s Eyes Matter

This type of blindness misconception can be the most irritating and annoying thing that a blind individual will have to deal with. People assume that to be considered blind; one must look only in a specific direction. Therefore, a person who can invariably look from right to left gets questioned for the legality of his blindness. Aside from that, there is this people’s mentality that only those unusual colored eyes are immediately considered blind. So for a person who doesn’t have a red, white, or grey dot on his eyes, things can get a little too judgmental. For some people, an eye that looks normal and functioning is not at all blind.


It is not always that people automatically get and understand the condition of blind people. I must say, the misconceptions are there because that is how society imprinted it in everyone’s minds. The stereotypes and all the judgment somehow managed to pass through generations. But the most important aspect that people need to consider is the blind people’s thoughts, opinions, and reality. 

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