My Disability Is Not A Weakness


I am a disabled person, but I do not want to look at myself like that. I do not have legs to walk, but I have my hands that do more jobs for me. I know a lot of people feel sorry about my physical condition, but I honestly do not care. I understand that other people’s perception of my ability is not something I can change. However, it is a thing I can use to encourage and motivate myself to become able as much as possible.

Mind Setting

I am not going to lie. Living with a disability is not easy. However, it is always up to me to make a choice. I can either go the way where I think about the situation as unfortunate and cloudy. I can choose to be a victim for that matter. Or, I can desire to be confident and feel like I can conquer anything that others are telling me that I cannot do. I can be out there with the world winning for my sake. The truth is, it is all about the right mindset. The things I want to be and how I want the world to see me depends on my right mindfulness. Instead of complaining about why I turned out to be a disabled person, I might as well save my energy and do something worth living. I have my brain functioning properly, so I guess that makes it less complicated so far.

My Disability Won’t Stop Me


It did not catch me long to recognize that I have more important things to thank for instead of listing my complaints. Yes, the idea of not being able to walk somehow takes a toll on me. I refused to do things that only my feet can perform because I thought I couldn’t live with that situation. But hell, I was wrong. Traveling across the country, it is not a problem with my wheelchair. Hanging out with my friends, they get to visit me every week. And having a relationship, I am loved by my husband and children. So definitely, there is nothing that my disability can do to stop me from living the life I wanted.

Not A Weakness

My disability is not a weakness as what others see it. It is something that allows me to value the things I am more capable of doing. My disability may cause me anxiety and depression most of the time, but that is not enough to hold me back from trying and learning new things. I know and fully understand that I do need some physical assistance, accessible living and inclusivity in my communities. But it will never make me look at my leg-less condition as a weak point. I am better and will get better even without my legs.


For those individuals who have mental illness due to their physical condition, stop worrying. Try to be as positive as you can. You will be amazed by how the mind can turn things way better than the usual, especially if you embrace disability pride and empowerment.

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