What I Learned From The 2015 El Paso Disability Symposium

There are a handful of lessons you could learn from the 2015 El Paso Disability Symposium. It was a symposium held in El Paso, Texas where families with disabilities attended and met to hear from various speakers. This symposium aimed to educate and discuss how disabilities are not a hindrance to your personal growth and development. It served to help encourage and inspire the families by giving them a chance to learn from each other and the experts. Overall, it was a fulfilling event where you could learn more than just technical knowledge.

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Your Disabilities Do Not Hinder Your Success

One of the speakers in the symposium highlighted the fact that disabilities are not a hindrance to one’s success. He mentioned how some people with disabilities had left a considerable mark in our societies, one example of which is Stephen Hawking. He lived with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) since age 21. He was paralyzed from head to toe but became one of the most eminent scientists of today. Another would be Stevie Wonder who struggled with blindness upon birth but became known as one of the most respected musical performers of the 20th century. These disabilities do not halt your growth. Many opportunities are out there for you to grab and take. Yes, some tasks may be close to impossible, but if you keep pushing forward, you are bound to grow. The “im” in impossible means that it’s your choice: it’s you who can break beyond barriers and turn anything into the possible.

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Disabilities Don’t Detach You From People

As the symposium was about the end, the families had a chance to interact with each other. Through these interactions, you can see the smiles on the children’s faces. After asking one of the kids, he gladly told me that “There were times I wondered why I struggled with these disabilities, but today I realized that I’m not alone and that there is nothing wrong with being me.”

Just because you are disabled doesn’t detach you from other people. Some children may have learning disabilities that give them a hard time to communicate with other people, but with the right care and attention, this won’t be a problem.

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